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Website Development - Ecommerce - Template Creation

dr. internet operates with the fact that a website is useless unless it can attract new business. That's why with every website, we analyze your competitors' online presences to identify your opportunities. When we build a website we start with a technical & functional needs analysis to determine what features are important in attracting business to your company through your website. And, these key features are then integrated throughout your website.

With dr. internet's extensive experience in building and promoting websites, we can work with you to make your online presence a success.

All of our websites are built with search engines in mind, and are optimized for search engine placement. In fact, many of our clients have reached top position in Google for terms related to their business. Is this enough to capture market share? Rarely. Especially in highly competitive areas, where on-line marketing campaigns are necessary. As a full-service internet marketing company, dr. internet can customize a multifaceted, web-based marketing program.

For your web store, we can prescribe and customize off the shelf software that will:
1. be cost effective;
2. allow you control over your website, and
3. accommodate all of your online storefront needs.

Read more about online store development.

Web Database Development
Installation & Testing

For staff efficiency, good customer service, and effective decision making, you need a database you can rely on. Web databases are an up front expense that will save you money over and over again, by capturing and strategically managing the data of your website.

dr. interent designs, programs, installs and tests web databases that will simplify life for your staff and your clients or customers.

Check out some examples of our past database work:
     Restaurant Review Database
     Membership Directory
     Class Scheduler

Website Maintenance and Repair

A successful website is kept up-to-date with current information. dr. internet offers maintenance contracts so that you can be assured that the charges will be made promptly and that any problems will be resolved quickly.

Our website maintenance contracts include:

  • Troubleshooting and Fixing Problems
  • Website Updates
  • Search Engine Positioning & Monitoring
  • Statistical Traffic Reports & Analysis
  • Internet Consulting

Online Marketing Campaigns

In highly competitive areas it's not enough to optimize your pages for search engine results, there are just too many competitors trying to do the same thing! That's why we offer pay for inclusion marketing programs to help your site rise to the top of the search engines!

We have found dr. internet to be talented, reliable, fast and reasonably priced. You really can't ask for more.

Ken Thygerson, President,
Digital University, Inc.

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