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Past website solutions provided by dr internet

industry: manufacturing - Securing top slots for relevant keywords makes all the difference!
problem: Client's on-line store, created by another developer, had been live for a long time, but could not be found in search engines.
solution: dr internet reworded the website for optimum search engine placement and obtained links from other relevant sites. Client increased sales due to rising to #1 position for several search phrases. Visitors to website increased by 50% over a 1 year period.

industry: retail sales - Selecting the right on-line shopping software is cost effective!
problem: Client's on-line store, created by another developer, required a programmer to add products for sale.
solution: dr. internet analyzed client's requirements and chose an affordable software package that closely matched client's needs. As further requirements emerged, dr. internet made custom modifications, through off-the-shelf modules and custom programing, to exactly match client's requirements.

industry: retail sales - Setting up an alternative on-line payment system avoids excessive upfront expense!
problem: Seller wanted to sell products online but did not want to go through the expense of obtaining a merchant credit card account
solution: dr. internet setup and programmed a connection with a third party payment processor, enabling client to sell online without having a merchant account.

industry: retail sales - Knowing how to communicate with other web developers saves money!
problem: Client needed updates to a comprehensive website created in multiple computer languages by a little known company . Costs to obtain these updates through that company cost an exorbitant $200/hr.
solution: dr. internet was able to perform 40% of these updates at a much lower cost, and was able to coach client on terminology to use to ask for other updates, resulting in much more accurate and quicker communication with the developer company, saving the client thousands of dollars.

industry: retail sales - Teaching client's staff to make website changes gives important control back to client.
problem: Client needed a low-cost way to display classes and special events occurring at their store.
solution: dr. internet found and installed an off-the shelf calendar program, customized it to the look and feel of the store's website and trained personnel to enter the events through a web based interface.

industry: retail sales - Thoughtful consulting exposes security risks!
problem: Consultation with client resulted in the discovery that orders from their website were being emailed in an insecure manner.
solution: dr. internet moved client to a secure server, protecting sensitive information.

industry: retail sales - Creating a database enables mass email marketing campaigns!
problem: Client needed a way to communicate with its clients on a regular basis for marketing purposes.
solution: dr. internet created an online signup form with a backend database so that client could easily manage communications with their clients and arranged with a third party for opt-in mass email marketing campaigns.

industry: professional services - Diagnosing software bugs correctly the first time leads to an efficiently running site!
problem: On-line learning business needed additional testing modules for their students and repair of software bugs that caused periodic corruption in their online student tracking system, requiring reentry of data.
solution: dr. internet programmed and installed a set of self-grading testing modules and repaired software bugs.

industry: professional services - Providing for client control of the website is a win-win!
problem: Client wanted ability to update its site themselves.
solution: dr. internet created a Dreamweaver template solution so that client can update site without a web developer.

industry: non-profit organization - Creating a relational database allows for extensive flexibility!
problem: Non-profit organization wanted a way to display information about its membership on-line with the ability to display membership levels, type of insurance members accepted, multiple phone numbers, faxes and email.
solution: dr. internet created and installed a web based relational database that allowed the display of information in the database in multiple ways.

industry: entertainment - Automated processing reduces expense!
problem: Client had thousands of images to process and display on the web.
: dr. internet developed and setup automated processing of the images using Adobe Photoshop.

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